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What is a Tomos?

A Tomos* is the content unity designing our web technology.
*From the greek τόμος  
TOMO- / (-)TOM / -TOMY : piece, part, portion. 
ex : tomography ; anatomy ; atom
So, a Tomos is an element of your website that you can edit according to your needs.
It is made up of a container and of a content.

When you fly out the tomos, three buttons appear : Move, Edit and Delete:

Move enables you to place your tomos wherever you want :

Edit enables you to change the Content or the properties of the Container.

Delete enables you to delete your content.
In Tomosfactory, vous have 4 default Tomos  (unlimited) :
Text Tomos
to insert texts
Image Tomos
to insert pictures
 Video Tomos
to insert videos (including Dailymotion, Youtube or any other video website).
 Sound Tomos
to insert sounds in a Mp3 format

And a catalogue of specific Tomos that you can add (sold separately)

Privacy Tomos
Form Tomos
News Tomos  Newsletter Tomos 
E-Commerce Tomos  Comment Tomos 
Now have a look at the Tomosfactory interface

 Tomosfactory Tutorial  * What is a Tomos?
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