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Tomosfactory FAQ

What is Tomosfactory ?

Tomosfactory is a turnkey tool for  :
  • Designing, making and changing one's website easily
  • in a creative way with "Tomos"
  • with or without IT knowledge.
  • directly on the internet, without downloading any software.
  • Hosting is in the solution.
Tomosfactory is made of two parts :

The Admin

(administration space)
This is the place where you manage pages and their design. This part is protected by a password.

The published website

This part deals with the published website your visitors can see.

  In practice, with Tomosfactory :

You add your contents
 (via Tomos)
You customize
You publish.
Now, find out what a Tomos is 
Tomosfactory Tutorial * What is Tomosfactory?
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