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The Cache Memory

The "Cache" Memory aims at storing the data which your computer has a usual access, thus reducing the waiting time between two requests.

In the website case, the cache memory is going to store recurrent or over-repeating pictures  on your pages (logos, icons, etc) , avoiding you to load them again and again.

How to empty the Cache Memory

on Safari 3 :  
  • In the Safari menu, select Empty Cache

on Firefox 3 : 
  • In the Tools menu, select  Clear recent history...

on Internet Explorer : 
  • In the Tools menu, select Internet Options
  • In the General tab, click on the Delete files button 
  • A window is open, tick Delete all content off-line
  • Click on OK
on Opera :
  • In the Tools menu select Preferences
  • Open the Advanced tab
  • Click on History in the left menu
  • Click on Empty now
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