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To Create a Browsing Menu

NOTE: For the moment, changing this Tomos properties can only be achieved through the CSS Stylesheet
The MENU Tomos helps you browsing through your website's pages.
This Tomos :
- is at the heart of your website.
- is by default on all pages.
- cannot be deleted (but masked).
- has a range of submenus for each menu.

For example :
- When editing the Menu Tomos,
- you come to the Pages tab in the Tree, in which you manage your website's diagram :

- Here you can choose your website's homepage,

- you can link each menu/submenu to its matching page (or to an external link),

- Add a new menu (or submenu),

- reorganize your headings (or delete them),

- and edit them right on the Tree (click on your text).

- Once done, the data capture is saved. Now you can go back to the Site tab.

NOTE : The Multilanguage Tomos allows you to add languages on your website (on the left bar). 
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