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To change the Menu Design via CSS 

The menu Tomos can be modified in the Stylesheet :

positions class
MENU without a link  .heading {}
MENU with a link  .heading a{}
Rollover MENU without a link .heading:hover {}
Rollover MENU with a link .heading a:hover {}
Selected MENU .current_heading {}
Selected MENU link .current_heading a {}
Rollover selected MENU link .current_heading a:hover {}
SUBMENU without a link  .subheading {}
SUBMENU  without a link  .subheading a {}
Rollover  SUBMENU without a link  .subheading:hover {}
Rollover SUBHEADING without a link  .subheading a:hover {}
Selected SUBMENU  .current_subheading {}
Selected SUBMENU link .current_subheading a {}
Rollover selected SUBMENU link .current_subheading a:hover {}
positions class
MENU without a link   .headingcombo {}
MENU with a link  .headingcombo a{}
Rollover  MENU without a link  .headingcombo:hover {}
Rollover  MENU with a link  .headingcombo a:hover {}
SUBMENU without a link   .subheadingcombo {}
SUBMENU with a link  .subheadingcombo a {}
Rollover  SUBMENU without a link   .subheadingcombo:hover {}
Rollover  SUBMENU with a link   .subheadingcombo a:hover {}
CSS  possibilities - more
- Once done, click on Ok.

NOTE : Don't forget to copy the changes on all pages (an option on top of your CSS window). If the CSS window does not open, this may be beacuse of the popup stopper
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