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To add a link in a text

- Add a link in a text :

- Click on the Tomos Editing Button

- Select the text to link 

- In the layout toolbar click on the icon "insert/modify link"

- A window opens, click on "Link Type"

- You have choice between "Lien Interne" (internal link), "URL", "Link to anchor in the text" or "E-mail"

"Lien Interne" (internal link)

- Add a link towards a page of your Tomosfactory website

- Select the "Page", in your website pages

- Your page is selected, click on "OK"


- Add a link towards an external website or a file from the server (ex: PDF)

- Copy the websites URL

- Paste this adress in "URL" ( or "Browse Server") and click on "OK"

"Link to anchor in the text"

- Add a link towards a specific point of your text. ex: Lien Interne

- Add an anchor in your text:

- Go in the Tomos source code    and insert the following code, in the place where you want to put your anchor:

<a name = "anchor_name"></a>

- Choose "Link to anchor in the text" and select your anchor with the field "By Anchor Name" and click on "OK"


- If you want somebody send you an e-mail with Outlook, Mail or Thunderbird.

- Write the mail adress to link, in the field "E-Mail Adress"

- To put a title by default in the e-mail, write in the field "Message Subject"

- You can also pre-write a message in the e-mail with the field "Message Body"

NOTE: To remove a link click on this button    in the layout toolbar.
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