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The Slideshow Tomos

The Slideshow Tomos displays a fullscreen picture on the page.
Every new picture is a new Tomos to add.
For example:
3 Slideshow Tomos with the same "A" serial name.
When you click on one of the series pictures, the slideshow is posted with the whole "A" series.
Try it :



You can also add several series on the same page

For example : a Slideshow of 3 pictures

A) for each picture, give two sizes (small and large)

B) on the page you need, add a Tomos > in the drop-down menu, choose "Slideshow Tomos"

  C.1- give the series a name (and do it again for the others) ex: "A"

  C.2- Send the 2 sizes of the picture onto the server:
           for the small picture : click on "choose" -> choose or create file > click on "choose file" > then "Upload" - Do the same for the large picture 

  C.3- give a description to the picture (under the picture) > then "create Tomos"

D) Repeat the operation for the other two pictures by naming the series "A" - You will have 3 images on the page when clicking on it. The slideshow starts. 

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