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The Multilanguage Tomos

The Multilanguage Tomos enables you to manage a website in several languages.
To this end, you create your languages into the Pages tab > Tree, and you set the menu for the matching language. This option does not make a copy of the website but you choose the pages to be duplicated.
For example:
On a website, the Multilanguage Tomos is introduced like this:
so the public chooses:
Create a Language:
- Go to the Pages tab, then on "Tree", and on the left bar, click on "Add":

- a popup window appears :
Here, you specify the new language and its ISO code (you can also duplicate* your menu).
- Agree.
- Now you can copy your pages in the new language.
- Don't forget to add the Multilanguage Tomos in your pages !.
*NOTE : the Mulitlanguage Tomos creates a site in parallel by duplicating the menu, but does not translate your contents ;-). 
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