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The Form Tomos

The Form Tomos enables you to gather information about your visitors.
To this end, you create your different Forms on the Tomos tab in order to to place them afterwards on your pages in a Form Tomos.
E.g. :
You want to create a contact form.
1- Create the form.
- Go to the Tomos tab, then to the Form icon and click on "Add a form", 

- a form creating forms appears:

-where :
  • Form name : deals with the form name ("Contact" on the exemple)
  • Email for notifications : deals with the information receipt mail (yours!)
  • Checking page : deals with the page where the visitor comes to once the form is valid.
  • - You can also give a description to your form (optional)

- Then you literally create your form by adding the fields you want :
Name, surname, etc. On each line you can chose the elements: 

- Once done, click on Finish.

2- Insert the form on your page.

To insert your Form:
- On the "Pages" tab, click on " Add Tomos", then "Tomos Form".

- A menu with the newly created form list appears. 
- Choose the form "Contact".
- Your tomos with the "Contact" form appears on the page.
NOTE : The Form Tomos can only be edited on the Tomos tab. You can customize its design on the stylesheet (advanced mode). 
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