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To edit your website's browsing : The Menu Tomos

NOTE: For the moment, you can only change the aspect or the properties of the Tomos through the CSS stylesheet.
To browse among your website's pages, you can use the MENU Tomos.
This Tomos :
- is at the heart of your website.
- is by default on all pages.
- cannot be deleted.
- has a level of submenus for each menu.

E.g. :
- When you edit the Menu Tomos,
- you are on the Pages tab in the Tree, from which you manage your website's diagram :

- Here you can choose your website's homepage,

- you can link every menu / submenu to the matching page (or to an external link),

- you can add a new Menu (or Submenu),

- you can reorganize your headings (or delete them),

-and edit them on the page itself (click on your text).

- Once done, the entry is saved. Now you can go back to the Site.

NOTE : you can add languages on your website with the Multilanguage Tomos (on the left bar)
Tomosfactory Tutorial * To edit the Menu Tomos
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